The Retail Research Partner


What is Research Lab?

The Objective of Research Lab is to become a Research Partner with the Retail Investors and share the best of our Power Investing Research 


A Retail Investor's pain point is the lack of time & process to execute Stock Ideas, Research Lab will help them in eliminating long hrs in screening through 100's of charts and then filtering out best of them based on Fundamental/Technical Parameters to Trade/Invest

Research Lab is made for LIVE LEARNING + EARNING CONCEPT , hence focused on making champions in stock markets 

How Research Lab can Help You?

Using Research Partner Portal, you can get the targeted stocks, Potential Good Breakouts, Exits and the brief logic behind it that will help you in decision making & learning both in the Most Affordable Way. 

It covers not only entry/exits + more exclusive chart analysis & 5 week live learning. Below is the snap of whats there in Research lab Champion Membership

The 5 week learning will be on Sundays & one can attend it as many time as he can within the 6 months duration :) Yes, that's true + Recordings are also available (in case you miss out)

Also every week I discuss my watchlist live along with QnA session

"The Perfect combination of learning + Earning together"


Is this Stock Advisory ?

NO, This is not to be considered as Investment Advisory as this is just Sharing up of Research Work in a transparent & single window solution to help the investors & traders in the best possible way to save time/efforts. The ideas and knowledge has to be combined with the investor/traders own experience or your advisor. This is not a replacement to investment advisor. Acting on ideas or not acting on it is your personal choice.  

Whom is this Suitable For?

  • Traders/Investors who lack time to screen up stocks

  • Traders/Investors who lack knowledge to find out good stocks/breakouts/Exits

  • Traders/Investors who want to have an edge over others with our focused research

  • Traders/Investors who are into Business/Job and are already into markets but want to have a partner in research to reduce stock market time.

  • Traders/Investors who have >1 yr of experience into markets i.e a bit MATURE to understand practical things, risk involved with stocks & also understand that 100% accuracy is a myth

  • For Newbies - Beginner videos are available for free & are recorded. Rest 5 weeks are live

How Many Ideas Will be there every month ?

There is no fixed no. of ideas per month as this is not advisory and markets are dynamic. It depends upon opportunities available from time to time looking into overall markets Risk : Reward situation. Usually 5-7 ideas per month on an average

Will it have 100% accuracy?

Only the market is 100% right rest all are participants into market and can be wrong at times, the risk gets controlled through Risk - Management Rules of Stop loss.

If you look for 100% accuracy then kindly don't subscribe as we are not god and we will not be able to fulfill your expectations

How the membership plan is renewed?

Currently we have only half yearly plans. The plans are not auto-renewed, once the plan duration is over, the access to Research labs gets revoked and you need to buy it again to continue and access posts

Reviews & testimonials


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How Does it Work ?

  1. Select Plan and Make Payment

  2. Upon completion of the payment you will receive an onboarding mail

  3. The email will have a private telegram channel link on which updates will be shared.

  4. You will be able to access the Research Lab page that you can see on the top bar

  5. The research lab page is divided into different sections of - Active Stocks/Actionable Buys/Removed Stocks/Watchlist Livestream etc/Knowledge updates. You can see all the information

  6. Posts will be shared on the private telegram channel for stocks and updates.

  7. In case of any problems in payment write me at or DM on telegram/twitter